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Orthodontics in Fremont

For patients wanting to correct misaligned teeth, Creative Smile Dental offers an array of orthodontic treatment options to restore beauty and function to your smile. Whether you are experiencing mild misalignment or more significant malocclusion, Dr. Katlyn Nguyen, Dr. Paul Nguyen, and Dr. Susan De Mata ensure every patient receive personable care that addresses their oral health goals.

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Providing Patients with Options for Treatment

Our doctors have the training and experience to offer several orthodontic treatment methods. When first visiting our office, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth and surrounding structures to obtain an accurate scope of the misalignment. After capturing digital impressions, we discuss your options so you can choose a treatment path that best meets your dental needs and goals. Patients can choose from the following teeth straightening methods: 

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Traditional Metal Braces

We often recommend traditional metal braces for our younger patients and those with significant misalignment. Metal braces involve affixing metal brackets to the surface of teeth and using a system of metal wires and rubber bands to guide teeth into the proper positioning. This method is beneficial to those with gapped, crowded or crooked teeth. Additionally, this treatment helps correct those experiencing overbites, crossbites, and underbites. 

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners sitting on a wooden tableThe custom clear design of the Invisalign system helps you reshape your smile with comfort and discretion. The invisible trays are barely noticeable and can be removed for convenience when eating, speaking, or brushing. Patients often notice results after a few months when wearing the aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day. This option is best for those with mild misalignment.

The Myobrace® System

This preventive treatment is designed to address what causes the misalignment before the smile loses its uniformity. The orthodontic appliance is best suited for children with developing teeth, as it helps expand the arch while also correcting poor oral habits that cause teeth to shift. The process consists of four stages. The first tray addresses bad oral habits, the second helps with arch development, while the third and fourth trays work to correct alignment and retain uniformity.  

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A uniform smile is easily achieved when you visit Creative Smile Dental for orthodontic treatment. Our dentists combine a professional and caring approach so patients can trust that they’re receiving the quality service they deserve. Contact us today to find out which type of braces are right for you. We proudly serve patients in San Lorenzo, Fremont, and all surrounding communities. 




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